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Sidney Weekender Duffle

Sidney Weekender Duffle

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  • 20" long, 11" wide, 14" tall
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Choose from 3 colours of locally sourced Manitoba leather.

  • Sid was one of by best friends in high school.  We shared some mischievous adventures the year we spent together.  We went our separate ways but always kept in touch.  It's been hard to follow him at times since he's always been a bit of a drifter.  Some may not understand those of us who never stay in one place, but those who do know the value of collecting experiences.  If you get a chance to meet Sid, ask him about when he joined the circus or the time he spent on a pirate ship.  I'm not even kidding.  These days he's slowed down a bit.  He took some time to finish a teaching degree in his late thirties and is putting that degree in use in the most Sid way possible; by teaching kids on a reservation in Bloodvein, Manitoba.  During his first year he had some of the most heartbreaking stories from his kids.  Most people wouldn't be able to handle the things he encountered.  Not only did Sid not quit, but he came back determined to make a difference.   In his second year, he started an after school dogsledding program.  A big part of the problem he saw was his students didn't have productive things to engage in.  This program is providing that in the best possible way on so many levels. I'm proud to know Sid, and I'm proud of the work he's doing.  

    This bag is designed to go wherever life takes you, whether it's on a pirate ship, traveling circus, to the lake, or business trip.  



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    Locally Sourced. Locally Made.

    Most of our leather is locally sourced from a Manitoban tannery. Every piece is created by hand for a timeless piece that will grow to tell your story.

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