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Earth and Hide

Natural Mary Purse

Natural Mary Purse

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    Limited edition Veg-Tanned leather - This version of the Mary Purse is made from natural veg-tanned, which will darken beautifully over time to a magical caramel colour and develop a wonderful patina unique to the user.
    • Same basic pattern and features, but smaller than the Luella tote.
    • 4"x8"10" tall and 12" wide at the opening
    • Includes a shoulder strap for cross body wear
    • Natural veg-tanned leather that develops a beautiful natural patina

    My grandmother Mary was one of the most talented makers I have ever known. Back then women like her were just known as farm wives, but now the talents she had are rare and respected. I was just starting my craft work when she was suffering from dementia pretty badly. I was able to show her an early piece I had done and it brought her back to her childhood. She said (repeatedly) that my Jackson backpack reminded her of the backpacks the kids would carry to school when she was a child in the 30's and 40's. I was honoured I could show her something that could connect her to a fond memory. I was honoured that she seemed impressed with the quality.

    Simple and surprisingly rugged, this bag has an understated elegance and beautiful versatility.  It has the same basic pattern and features as the Luella tote, but as a grandmother, Mary didn't need to carry as much as mothers typically do.  All they really need is candy for their grandchildren and maybe some kleenex!  

    This version is made with the limited edition veg-tanned hide.  Leather is such a magical material and this natural leather is the best example of that magic.  It's rugged enough to last for generations and when used regularly, will develop a beautiful patina.  It will change different for everyone based on the way it is used.  It tells the story of what it carries, where it has been and the way it is used.  

    Photos (more coming soon!):
    1) Mary Purse (shown in chestnut)
    2) Example of natural veg-tan leather.
    3) Photo shows the aging/patina of my original bag. 



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    Locally Sourced. Locally Made.

    Most of our leather is locally sourced from a Manitoban tannery. Every piece is created by hand for a timeless piece that will grow to tell your story.

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