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Earth and Hide

Natural Carie Satchel

Natural Carie Satchel

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 Limited edition Veg-Tanned leather - This version of the Carie Satchel is made from natural veg-tanned, which will darken beautifully over time to a magical caramel colour and develop a wonderful patina unique to the user. (The last photo shows my original bag after several years of use!)

  • 8" wide
  • 11" tall
  • 3" gusset
  • 45-55" strap
  • Choose from 3 colours of locally sourced Manitoba leather.

Equally appropriate for people like Cary Grant and Carrie Underwood.  This is the "they/them" of leather bags.  I get the dynamic of traditional feminine and masculine looks.  Women can carry whatever they want but men have always had an uphill battle when carrying a bag like this.  It's more a satchel than a purse, but I know people are going to try to call it a "murse".  I've had men ask for a more manly bag.  Up until this bag, I've only had my full sized laptop bags which is definitely too big for your every day carry.  This bag is a great size for all the things you don't want to (or can't) stuff in your pockets!

This version is made from limited edition veg tanned cowhide.  Leather is such a magical material and this natural veg tanned leather is the best example of that magic.  It's rugged enough to last for generations and when used regularly, will develop a beautiful patina.  It will change different for everyone based on the way it is used.  It tells the story of what it carries, where it has been and the way it is used.  

Photos (more coming soon!):
1) Carie Satchel (shown in chestnut)

2) Example of natural veg-tan leather.
3) Photo shows the aging/patina of my original bag. 



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Locally Sourced. Locally Made.

Most of our leather is locally sourced from a Manitoban tannery. Every piece is created by hand for a timeless piece that will grow to tell your story.

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